About Secure Funding Group

We have built a strong reputation as leaders in our industry.

We always find ways to get you approved and financed.

We are a full service brokerage with an experienced staff offering expertise in all types of financing. Our staff consists of loan officers that have worked for the largest mortgage lenders in the nation. We have access to a full array of mortgage products and are dedicated to finding the right loan with the best terms and costs to meet your specific needs. Throughout the loan process our staff will keep you informed with regular updates and progress reports so you know exactly where your loan stands.
Whether you are a consumer or realtor we guarantee to close your loan in 30 days or less.

Consumers to Realtors

We work with all types of loans from consumers, to realtors.

A Proven Track Record

Our record speaks for itself. We think you’ll be impressed by it too.

Easy Approval Process

We guarantee to close your loan in 30 days or less.

Affordable Loan Services

We understand fees can be expensive, that’s why we work with you.

Research & Expertise

We bring a level of smarts, skill, and success to everything we do.

Proactive Mortgage Updates

You will never have to worry about checking on things.

Happy Clients
Years in business
Loan Officers

Our Value

Choosing the right loan can often be a confusing and daunting process. Our consultation is complimentary, saving time, effort and stress. So if you are confused about which home loan is going to fit your needs, make it easier on yourself and let the team at Secure Funding Group do the work for you. The service that Secure Funding Group offers you is confidential, professional and totally unbiased towards any banks or financial institutions.

We know how important it is for you to know we are a stable, reliable company, especially in today’s markets. Above all else, we value you, and guiding you to the best decision with certainty is what we do.

Our Promise

We pledge to make your application and approval process the best mortgage experience ever.

  • A real person answers the phone when you call and we will return your calls within one business day.
  • We provide a checklist of documents you will need setting realistic expectations upfront, so you will never have hidden fees or surprises.
  • We will give you proactive updates on the status of your mortgage. You will never have to worry about checking on things.
  • Our goal is to be your Lender for life. Majority of our clients say they would recommend us to family and friends.
  • Something not right? Tell us and we will do whatever we can to fix it.