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Interest Rates Are Lower Than Ever Get a Chula Vista Home Loan Today

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Refinancing or purchasing a home in the Chula Vista area can be relatively easy with the right group of professional on board. Secure Funding Group is dedicated and available to assist you with a Chula Vista home loan. They have a proven track record for easy approval loans within a 30 day period. It is well-known that interest rates change daily. At this present time, they are low which makes it the best time to buy or refinance your home. Let’s take a look into this a little bit further.

What is the going interest rate at this time?

At this time, the average 30-year fixed mortgage rate in Chula Vista improved five basis points from 3.91% to 3.96%. Today, state mortgage rates range from the low level of 3.87 % (MS) to a high incidence of 4.04 % (IA). The California mortgage rate at present is one basis point higher than the national average rate of 3.9%. With the interest rates at this level, it is the best time to get a Chula Vista home loan. It also is an excellent time to refinance an existing home loan.

What should a home buyer look at when purchasing a home?

It is best for a home buyer to consider all of their options. To do this look at all the loans that is available at this time. A home buyer also should make sure the home is up to standards before purchasing the home. No one wishes to buy a house that has maintenance to do before moving in. The professionals at Secure Funding Group will see to it that the seller is made responsible for fixing any major maintenance repairs before purchasing. These repairs could consist of water leaks, the electrical box being outdated, peeling paint, damaged roof, or anything that falls in the lines of being unsafe to live there.

What should an existing homeowner look at if they wish to refinance their home?

First, they should look at the interest rate is it lower than they are paying now or higher. Will the payments be lower or higher after refinancing? Is there a down payment requirement when refinancing? Secure Funding Group can answer all these above questions.

Home loans made easy

We realize each and every customer has different needs to be met. For this reason, we provide several customized home loan programs. At Secure Funding Group, our professional expertise is there to assist in any individual need. We work side by side with our client to be sure that they will receive the best service as possible. A Chula Vista home loan through Secure Funding Group can be rewarding by providing the best financial decision available. For further questions or information give us a call at (619)-946-7333.

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